A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A puzzle game made by team Vivid Illusions:

Team Lead/Designer - https://troyrogerson.itch.io/

Designer - https://iced.itch.io/

Designer - https://wiredinrogue.itch.io/

Programmer - Tyson Wetton (@TysonWetton)

With the help of collaborating animation team:

Crying King Art (@CryingKingArt)



and more!

This project was closed before initially planned, and as such some elements still need to be completed.

Some clarity improvements still need to be made, and some assets still need to be imported.


20171206_VividIllusions_RealityBreak.apk 22 MB
20171206_VividIllusions_RealityBreak_Windows.zip 14 MB